All About HGH & HGH Supplements: Where To Buy HGH For Sale & The Best HGH Supplements Around

What is HGH?

Pituitary glands in the brain are one of the most important organs. Did you know that it is from here that the human growth hormone, abbreviated as HGH, is released? It is this hormone that keeps you young, rejuvenated and energized. Throughout puberty, HGH is released from the glands in abundance. However, when you start growing older, the rate at which HGH is released from the glands slows down. As a result of this, you start looking faded. When we say the word ‘faded,’ what we actually mean to say is that your skin starts losing its glow and looks sagged. Wrinkles, crow’s web near the eyes and dull skin are all an indication that you have started aging. And, we do not even want to mention the silver hair gradually turning grey!

pituitary gland for HGH

pituitary gland

Does anyone of us want to look like this? Perhaps, we all think alike. Beauty and youth are mortal. These attributes will gradually fade away. But, if you know how to take care of yourself, you can look young for a longer time. Once you have reached the age of 30-40 years, there is a need to pay closer attention to your body. That is why, most people incline towards artificial methods.

But, what we are going to tell is a 100% NATURAL, SAFE AND CERTIFIED method of rejuvenating yourself in your growing years. HGH supplements and releasers have come to be known as the products of modern world. People who do not wish to look like old grannies are considering natural HGH releasing supplements, which are 100% safe and FDA approved!

HGH Decline Chart With Age

Human Growth Hormone Decline Chart

Over the recent past, HGH has been popularized as a product that not only helps in reinstating your vigor and youth, but also helps in a natural therapeutic rehabilitation. A lot of men and women are also taking HGH for weight training because the supplements are claimed to offer muscle growth with fat cutting abilities.

The role of HGH supplements is basically to enhance natural production of HGH in your body, which we already mentioned, slows down with increasing age.

You may get HGH in two main forms-

  • HGH supplements (HGH oral spray and HGH pills)
  • HGH injections

HGH supplements- As we have already mentioned, almost every HGH supplement is tested by FDA before being put up in the market for sale. So, there is no need to panic or worry about regarding its testimony. There are a million users who can certify the positive effects of HGH supplements. The only condition is that you should buy HGH supplements only from the official site of the manufacturer. The supplements will cost you less and will work brilliantly without negative side effects. There is no need of doctor’s prescription in this case.

HGH injections- Personally, we will never testify for injectable HGH. Why? The answer is simple. Injections can cost you a whooping amount, while also being extremely painful. Improper use of these HGH injections can cause adverse health effects as well. If at all, there is no other option; we highly recommend that you consult your physician and ONLY TAKE INJECTIONS AFTER A THOROUGH PRESCRIPTION.

Before you take HGH supplements…

  • Discuss your achievable goals
  • Stick to your routine
  • Give your body time to respond
  • Do not be panicked about side effects because they will eventually submerge

If you are a beginner…

  • Buy HGH supplements only from the official site (VERY IMPORTANT!)
  • Follow the instructions on packaging
  • Take HGH pills as prescribed
  • Right quantity of HGH supplements will play a paramount role

If you are a body builder or weight lifter…

You shall be prescribed HGH doses as per your workout regime. It is usually prescribed that you take HGH in the morning before working out and once after you have ripped your body.

Dependency on HGH

When you go to buy HGH for sale, you will find that no manufacturer will suggest dependency on these supplements. The HGH regime is time bound. Usually, the tenure may range from a few weeks to a few months, after which, you shall be recommended to stop the use. The only side effect is too much addiction or dependency on HGH.  In order to avoid reliability on such supplements, it is important that you strictly adhere to the stipulated tenure on the product packaging.

HGH Price: Know this before you buy HGH for Sale!!

Taking the right dose as per stipulated duration can help you gain desired benefits. Every HGH supplement for sale comes at a different price. The prices will usually depend on your choice of HGH product consumption.

HGH injections, despite being powerful, are much more painful and highly expensive. Contrary to this, HGH pills for sale are easy to consume and cost much cheaper. Also, these supplements in the form of pills perform better than injections, with negligible to minimal side effects.

How HGH helps?

HGH or Human Growth Hormone, as mentioned already, can help you keep your younger self alive. The matter of fact is that it does not just concern about looking beautiful or handsome. Rather, it is more about feeling fresh, rejuvenated and energized.

Look at the percentage of gained benefits here-

HGH Benefits

Key HGH Benefits

HGH supplements are a boon to growing age because the production of HGH, which has decreased with growing age, can be reversed using the HGH pills. The top HGH supplements for sale are composed of 100% natural ingredients, all of which are FDA certified. These ingredients help by triggering your pituitary gland to produce HGH naturally, even when you have started aging.

There is a whole lot kaleidoscope of positive results regarding the HGH benefits. From increased muscle mass to diminished body fat, we have it all on the platter for you!

Benefits of HGH: Explore the pros before making a decision!!

Every user, before making a decision regarding a product is entitled to know its benefits. So, here are some of the certified benefits of HGH-

  • Better sleep
  • A younger looking skin, free of blemishes, fine lines, spots and wrinkles
  • Great mental ability
  • Better sexual performance and great sex drive
  • Increased immunity and metabolism
  • A permanent weight loss

Wait, before you think these are the only benefits!!!! We have more…

HGH protects your body cells- Among some of the great benefits of HGH is protection of your body cells. A range of antioxidants that you may take can leave your body in a state where the destructive enzymes also reside. While antioxidants can make you look young, it must be noted that it is only a temporary phase. Contrarily, there is HGH, which prevents cell damage and acts directly over proteases, thereby leaving you with a youthful skin on a permanent basis.

HGH increases energy- Various studies conducted over the past have testified the fact that HGH leaves you feeling rejuvenated. That feeling of liveliness comes back to you over the time, when you start taking HGH pills. HGH functions great for your mind and body because it changes your overall aging concept and leaves you with a positive attitude towards old age.

HGH is a boon for chronically plump people- HGH speeds the metabolism process in your body. This leads to faster weight loss. An increase in the body’s ability to lose fat faster can help you achieve a great body in a lesser time. HGH is a boon for those who are into gyming, heavy weightlifting and body building; because HGH supplements help you gain stamina, energy, endurance and strength.

HGH increases men’s libido- HGH is aphrodisiac, which means that it contributes to increased potency and also libido level in men. This leads to better mood and great sexual desire.

HGH eases menstruation pain and menopause uneasiness- For women, HGH supplements are wonderful pain relievers during menstruation. Women, who have crossed 45-50 years of age and have started menopausing, can definitely go for HGH supplements. These supplements tend to ease the menopause effects.

HGH helps produce T-cells and antibodies- The T-cells and antibodies in humans fight diseases better. HGH supplements work by increasing the production of these two things in your body.

  • HGH benefits are stamped by various researches and studies conducted over the time.
  • Increasing popularity of HGH is a matter of research for people.
  • Over the years, new benefits are being explored and discovered, based on people’s reviews and user’s experiences.

Background of HGH: How it all started??

HGH or growth hormones have remained a subject of interest for researchers and scientists since 1920s. However, the momentum gained only when HGH was started being used for treatment of children with stunted growth caused due to pituitary disorders. This was back in 1963. During that time, the HGH drug use was reserved only for treating medical issues like these, because the supply of drugs was too limited. This was so because the only source known for HGH extraction was human itself.

Did you know??

  • By the end of World War-I, when the medical science had started recognizing the problems associated in people due to lack of growth hormones, there was a need for emergence of treatments.
  • Researchers tried extracting GH from animals. But, this did not work out well. Why?? Because, despite lot of purification process, the growth hormones extracted from animals were nowhere near to the HGH.
  • The effectiveness and scope of animal growth hormones seemed too little in humans.
  • The researchers had even found out that the reason animal growth hormones and HGH did not match was because of the different molecular patterns. The HGH and non HGH were molecularly different, which is why, the treatments attempts with animal species’ supplements failed.

Cadavers’ extraction of HGH: A successful attempt

When researchers failed with the animal sources, there were still many people putting their brains to extreme work. Maurice Raben was a Tuft university based endocrinologist from Boston. This American researcher started sourcing HGH from cadavers’ pituitary gland. This attempt gave fruitful results and sufficient quantities of HGH came into light. This HGH, when administered to patients, gave positive and successful results.  

Maurice Raben was attributed with some of the first successful cases of administration of HGH among patients with medical conditions. This happened during 1960s. At this juncture, the treatment from HGH started gaining popularity. However, due to deficiency of HGH, it was only prescribed to extremely rare cases.

Genentech’s development of synthetic HGH in 1991

Until 1991, there wasn’t much progress. In 1991, Genentech (now Roche pharmaceutical’s member), developed the first synthetic HGH version. This opened doors to advances in treatments with HGH. Today, the deficiency and problems associated with growth hormones are treatable, thanks to abundance of HGH found.

So, now we can safely put into words that HGH shortage is no longer a thing of present!!!

We have put it all in the past and HGH is increasingly being used to treat not just growth hormones related deficiencies, but also obesity, performance enhancement and so much more!!!!

Synthetic HGH and Natural HGH- Know it all here!!

Synthetic HGH Natural HGH
Often comes in injections.


Comes in the forms of Secretagogues, such as HGH supplements, HGH pills, sub-lingual capsules and lotions.
Extremely painful Not painful at all


Highly expensive Affordable
Lasts only for a few months Gives almost permanent effects
Ask yourself before buying- “Is it worth it??”



Please Note: HGH is primarily an anabolic hormone, with protein composition. Synthetic HGH is most apt for medical conditions and that too, under a licensed physician’s prescription. Anyone selling synthetic HGH is most likely fake.

HGH for men

When it comes to men, HGH certainly plays a major role in several issues. Some of the major benefits that are specific to men include-

  • Better Bone Density
  • Muscle strength
  • Endurance and strength enhancer
  • Libido enhancer
  • Better sex drive
  • Ability to reverse erectile dysfunction in early stages
HGH for Men

HGH for Men

A lot of people think that HGH works in the same way for men as in case of women. However, certain functions of HGH are specific to men. The common functions for both the genders are helpful to both.

HGH for women

Following benefits are specific to women only-

  • Mood enhancer
  • Balanced mind and body for balanced hormones at older age
  • A feel-young passion
  • Arthritis, which is more common among women, can be mended with HGH supplements
  • Helps in menstruation pain
  • Helps in menopausal symptoms
HGH for Anti Aging

HGH Anti Aging for Women

Why is HGH more popular among women?


Why HGH for women?

During menstruation- Women’s body undergo a myriad of changes after menstruation. The hormonal changes in the body leave her with mood swings, hot flashes and most commonly, the monthly PMS. That is why; there is a need for something that can even out everything. HGH does that for her!

Post pregnancy- Women find HGH so lucrative because of the way they want to look even after having babies. Now let’s face it men, your body goes through nothing. You have only given your sperm, that’s it! It is the woman’s body that has taken a toll of pregnancy and has undergone a catastrophic change. From mental health to physical conditions, there is a whole lot Pandora box of problems that open up after pregnancy. HGH supplements, after a certain time, help a woman reduce pregnancy weight, look young again and feel good about her. HGH is her post-pregnancy comrade!

Reduced immunity after having a family- The immune system has a thymus gland, which sits at the back of breastbone. The organ starts shrinking from 12years of age until 40 years. By the time you reach 60, it is almost non-existent. It is the Thymus which matures T-cells (meant for fighting diseases in the body). Shrunk thymus means decreased T-cells. This is what we call the visible sign of aging. After going on the family way and having babies, a woman’s ability to fight diseases decreases considerably. Her immunity goes downhill. However, with HGH supplements, this can be improved manifold. HGH, when taken, helps in improving thymus gland performance and reducing its shrinkage.

Why buy HGH for women?

Why HGH for Women

Why Women Uses HGH

  • First, because of all the aforementioned reasons, women ought to buy HGH from manufacturer’s site.
  • Secondly, women can also buy HGH online because of following reasons-
  • To look revived and rejuvenated even at your 40s
  • To look glamorous and have a figure of your choice
  • To feel good about yourself
  • To restore your immune system’s natural killer cells and new anti-bodies
  • To restore stem cells in your bone marrow
  • To reduce effects of rheumatoid arthritis
  • To get rid of the wrinkles and sagging skin
  • To strengthen your lean muscles
  • To reverse the effects of thinning hair
  • To increase your sex drive

HGH Frequently Asked Questions (HGH FAQs)

Here are some of the common queries that people raise. We are here to answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

Q1: Can HGH help me burn fat easily?

A: Who doesn’t want to look fit, healthy and smart? Taking HGH can help you boost your weight loss. HGH works by enhancing the growth factors, just like insulin. These insulin-like factors prevent glucose to travel to cells. Generally, when you eat something, pancreas tends to release the required insulin amount to convert carbs to glucose. This glucose is then stored in fat cells for energy. HGH induces insulin-like growth factors, which in turn, prevents storage of glucose in your cells. That is why; HGH can help you burn fat faster and easily.

Q2: How much will the total HGH therapy cost me?

A: Every HGH supplement has a different cost. But generally, the cheapest product in the market is not less than $10 per vial. So, that accounts to $300 per month. On an average, the HGH therapy is done for six months. For that duration, you may have to spend a total of $1,800 for HGH therapy. Before you say that it’s a lot of amount, and back out; wait! The benefits that HGH supplements and overall therapy provides to you are enough to overshadow the cost. Just sit and compare this cost with your beauty products, anti-aging creams, gym packages and energy boosting proteins and you will find HGH therapy cheaper.

Q3: How long does HGH take before showing me the visible results?

A: A lot of trials regarding this have been going on. But, it would be safe to say that you should give at least 3 months to your product before getting the results.

Q4: Is Sytropin HGH beneficial? Where should I buy Sytropin HGH?

A: Sytropin is analogue of naturally secreted HGH, but it is equally effective. This HGH supplement supports muscles, while also boosting immune system. So, it is 100% beneficial. When you choose to buy Sytropin online, make sure that you purchase it only and only from the manufacturer’s site. There are a lot of fake suppliers. Beware of them.

Q5: How do the HGH pills and sprays look like?

A: HGH pills and sprays are most commonly available in the market. The sprays are available in bottles in the aerosol form. The sprays were used as a substitute for injections, which are considered to be more painful and expensive. The HGH pills or supplements have different packaging. The most commonly found pills are smaller and round in shape.  These can be easily found online at the official site.

Know about the best HGH supplements: Make a wise decision and a better choice!

We are here to assist you make a good decision regarding HGH supplements available in the market. It is quite obvious for a user to feel confused when it comes to purchasing the HGH supplements.

If you want to know-

  • What to buy??
  • How to buy??
  • From where to buy HGH??
  • And, why to buy??

We are here to help you!!

Let us have a look at the three Best HGH supplements. Let’s start our research-based information disposal-

Comparison chart among Genf20 plus, Sytropin and HyperGH 14x -HGH for Sale

Factors GenF20 Plus Sytropin HyperGH 14X
Overall Ratings 9.5 9.3 9.1
Availability Available in pills and spray form Available in spray form only Available in pills and spray form
Active Ingredients |  L-Arginine

|  L-Lysine

|  GTF Chromium

|  L-Ornithine

|  L-Tyrosine

|  L-Glutamine

|  Phosphatidylcholine Pituitary (Anterior) Powder

|  Colostrum

|  Alpha GPC

|  L-Arginine

|  Gaba

|  Glycine

|  L-Dopa Bean Extract

|  L-Glutamine

|  L-Valine

|  L-Lysine

|  Moomiyo Extract

|  L-Isoleucine

|  L-Tyrosine

|  Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate

|  L- Arginine

|  Gamma Aminobutryic Acid (GABA)

|  L-Valine

|  Deer Antler velvet

USP GenF20 Plus sits at the #1 position of our personal choice because of its triple advantage. It can be used as a daily supplement and also in the forms of enteric coated pill or oral spray.

One can start seeing its visible results in approximately 3 weeks. It safely restores the level of HGH in your body.

Sytropin is single HGH supplement. It is composed of the FDA approved ingredients, such as amino acids and secretagogue growth hormone.

The product is prepared under strictly monitored quality controlled environment.

It offers high quality visible results.

HyperGH 14X is a natural HGH releaser with no side effects. It comes with great discounts of bulk orders.

It does not require prescription. It comes with a myriad of benefits, such as improved sex drive and immunity.

Money Back Guarantee for the customers 60 days from delivery date. 90 days from delivery date.


60 days from delivery date.


Online Availability Yes Yes Yes
Order Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Where to buy it from? Only from GenF20 Plus website. Only from Sytropin website. Only from HyperGH 14X website.
 Learn More Detailed Review Detailed Review Detailed Review


These are our top rated and the best HGH pills. On the basis of our comparison and information provided above, you can have your pick. For more information on the products, please visit the official site.